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ArMaGeDdOn the Janitor:
   The rules in this thread are here for the community members and staff to refer to should an issue occur on the server. Thank you for taking the time for reading through these rules. Change and additions can occur so please keep up to date on the rules. As for a further reminder. If a rule doesn't state the punishment that you can receive for breaking the rule, it does not make you exempt from any specific type of punishment someone on the administration team does in that scenario.

I. No Metagaming. Metagaming is when you take OOC information and use it IC. It is not allowed under any circumstance.

II. No Powergaming. Forcing your actions in your roleplay on another character without allowing them a chance to respond is not allowed unless of course the character is unconscious or physically incapable of defending themselves.

III. Keep the OOC and LOOC chats to a moderate pace. People are roleplaying and the constant spam of either or will result in an immersion breaking atmosphere which is what we do not want.

IV. Do not flame or argue in the OOC chat or LOOC chat on the server. It halts roleplay, involves everyone, and creates an issue. If there really is a problem use @ to contact an admin or take the argument to Steam or the Private Messaging System on the server.

V. If you are in need of an admin, do not hesitate to use @ to contact an admin. If there is an admin on the server they will be more than happy to help.

VI. For people who are given PAC Flags, keep the PACs that you use on your characters realistic. Do not PAC on things that they did not obtain ICly and keep the PAC looking as accurate and realistic to what your character currently looks like, otherwise you will have the PAC flags removed.

VII. This is a Serious Roleplay server, do not prop climb, prop block or any of that nonsense. If you need to climb over something ICly, ask a staff member to Physgun you to the location you wish to go. Of course this has to be within reason meaning don't climb cliffs with just your hands like an expert.

VIII. Toolguns are not to be abused with thrusters or anything for that matter. The tools that are available are solely meant for building and changing body groups amongst a few other staff uses. If you're caught abusing it, the flag will be taken away.

IX. Do not use famous NPC character names from any of the Fallout Series, or any other game and popular series. The character will be PKed automatically. Also do not take the name of someone famous in real life such as '50 Cent' or 'James Bond', the character will also meet the same fate.

X. If there is ever someone who needs help with roleplay, please link them this so that they can learn how to roleplay.

XI. Players are not allowed to spawn in any explosive prop using the Q menu or by any other means. If this happens the player's flags will be removed.

XII. Do not PAC on armors that you do not have the OOC scripts of. Most of the time when a roleplay scenario occurs people are forgetful and believe the person might be wearing armor even when they are not, altering the fate of the scenario without anyone being none the wiser about it.

XIII. Creature characters that are free to use without application are not to be abused. If they are roleplay incorrectly the player doing so will lose privilege to the whitelist.

XIV. When making a creature character, please name the character something other then 'A hostile ant' or 'A tamed brahmin' unless they are for a one time use, which in that case go right ahead.

XV. When a creature character is killed, it is considered a NLR, if a creature character kills a player it is also NLR. The only exception to this rule being a PK is if the creature character and person of interest have crossed eachother's paths numerous times leaving eachother with battle scars and more or less developed a hate for one another. Also, if a creature is tamed by another character who has IC reason to kill your character and the creature character kills your character or the character kills the creature character it is a PK.

XVI. To PK someone, their character MUST have put your character into a life threatening situation. Case by case may vary and what is grounds for a PK. Ask an SA+ if you're unsure of a situation pertaining to your character.

XVII. When building inside of a vacant house, make sure to make the interior realistic to what would be fitting of Fallout. Having pristine furniture and things of that nature just break immersion unless you're in a vault or bunker.

XVIII. Do not observe around the map while using PAC. It is easily identifiable and any infraction of doing this will result in immediate removal of the PAC flag. Remember, PAC is a privilege.

XIX. Admin containers and backpacks will no longer be given to traders. There is a limit of 100kg space between safes and the storage locker than players are permitted to have. If you exceed that limit, then it'd be best to get rid of extra equipment that might be hoarded.

XX. All water that isn't the actual purified water item in the server is to be considered dirty water. That means if you roleplay drinking from water sources that aren't bottles of purified water purchased or found,
 you will be given dirty water and radiation unless stated otherwise by an SA+.

XXI. If you have been given a trader character without application, your character is incapable of repairing any weapon or item that has a physical blueprint in the server. You must learn how to do these things ICly from someone who actually has the skills and abilities to craft without blueprints.

XXII. Understand that when having a character that certain major events that took place within the Fallout Lore, the character isn't 100% knowledgeable on every single aspect of the Fallout Lore behind the event. Keep it realistic and don't bring your OOC Fallout knowledge into your character's development IC unless the character otherwise learned the history of the events.

XXIII. If a character of any kind is created and proceeds to ERP without any reasonable development on the character, the character will be PKed on the spot, no questions asked. Consider this rule as a first and only warning.

XXIV. Characters that have been PKed in the previous Fallout canon are to remain PKed, there is no exception to this rule and all including staff members must abide by this rule.

XXV. Starting on the release date of the canon, November 12th, 2017, characters who decide to base outside of the protection of the main town for whatever reason will automatically forfeit security for privacy. This means that there will be no door or entrance to a building that will be safe from getting kicked in or lock picked. All buildings or houses people inhabit are susceptible to being raided and equipment being taken from it. However the only pre-requisite to raiding a building is the player that is being raided or robbed MUST be online. Where their location are on the map does not matter.

XXVI. With the new bleeding system in play, people who deliberately and OOCly shoot a character to cause them to bleed will be given a warning and if it happens further a temporary ban. If the problem persists it will become permanent.

XXVII. Do not eavesdrop through a wall if someone is talking and/or whispering on the other side of it. It is a wall, you can not hear through a wall unless someone is actually yelling through it.

XXVIII. Robot characters are to never get re-programmed by characters with zero technical and physical knowledge on how to repair robots. Please refer to the custom character application section under the rules for robot characters. If this rule is broken the robot character will be taken away from the individual that is roleplaying it as such. As for the character who is falsely authorizing robot repair knowledge will also be warned and spoken to about it. If the problem with the character involved with the scenario persists, the character has the potential to be de-authorized.

XXIX. Creature characters whether they're the ones that don't require application or the ones that do require the application are NOT allowed within faction bases or the main hub of roleplay without SA+ confirmation. Doing so will result in removal of the creature character from the town. Further offenses will cause having the creature character removed entirely. Please use these creature character responsibly.

XXX. Do not self-authorize your character and their skills just because an admin of the staff team roleplayed with the character in an IC environment. You ALWAYS need to write an application for a special or transferred character unless told differently from myself. If a character begins to self-authorize itself with anything and it is found out such as speaking different languages, knowing pre-war knowledge, knowing about anything lore wise with pinpoint accuracy when previously not knowing a little of it, the character could potentially be de-authorized and removed entirely. Languages that ARE allowed would be English, old-world language inspired tribal language (meaning they can use common words of a certain language, but implement it into their own, made up language), and Spanish. Accents however are allowed.

XXXI. When a faction has little to no players flagged up and someone attempts an assault on the faction base, or tries to otherwise infiltrate the base for whatever reason, they will receive lethal punishment from IC guards which will result in a PK for negligence. The IC guards will be in relation to whatever the faction has at their disposal.

XXXII. As a reminder to the public, Event Coordinators do not hold power within the administrative & disciplinary staff team within the community, so please do not treat the Event Coordinators as such. If an issue arises that an administrator is needed, please refer to one of the staff members at so the situation can be resolved.

XXXIII. Any individual that has obtained the mininuke item is not capable of setting off the detonation on the mininuke unless one of the following applies to them. Either A, they have explosive engineering authorizations in which they would be able to jury rig a primer to set off the mininuke. Or B, having the actual Fat Mine blueprint that can be found in the server. Under no circumstance aside from these two exceptions can a mininuke actually detonate. If you wish to however ICly lie about such a thing, and use it as a deterrent then it is acceptable.

XXXIV. For individuals who purchase scopes, you are NOT allowed to PK or otherwise harm a character from long range and out of the victim's reach of being able to retaliate. Long ranged RP may be used to engage creature characters played by people however. Do keep in mind that the only characters who actually have sniper training are rangers. You may learn how to use a scope efficiently and effectively over a while of actually roleplaying using the sniper at your own volition, though the administration team will keep in mind of your character's capabilities with scoped long range RP to ensure no power gaming or otherwise extremely accurate shots are performed despite the character not actually having any skill with using a scoped weapon. Also, during events you may use a scoped weapon ONLY if the Event Coordinator in charge of the event agrees to having snipers in their event.

XXXV. Event Coordinators are allowed to layout whichever rules they want to enforce at the beginning of their events. These rules will vary of course, and not all Event Coordinators will have the same rules so please keep that in mind. The main rules I am putting here is that, an Event Coordinator has the right to remove an unruly or otherwise interrupting individual from their event to continue the flow of roleplay. If you are removed from an event, and you feel that it is unjust, then please contact an SA+ about the ordeal in an orderly and professional manner and the situation will be put under review, and will be assessed AFTER the event has concluded. Remember to please be respectively to all parties involved to ensure that the situation is taken care of in a hasty and simple manner.

XXXVI. Any suggestive themed roleplay, and ERP involving a child is not allowed on the server what so ever. This includes any roleplay done on a third party communication program such as Steam, Discord, or anywhere else roleplay can be done. Any roleplay that is done with a child character like that, is to be considered voided and entirely OOC and is in no way, shape or form considered to be any shred of development for either character. This applies to any characters that are sixteen and under.

ArMaGeDdOn the Janitor:
Rules have been updated. :eng101:

ArMaGeDdOn the Janitor:
Additional rules have been posted for the upcoming canon.  :chillout:

ArMaGeDdOn the Janitor:
Rules have been added.  :chem101:

ArMaGeDdOn the Janitor:
Rules have been updated. :blaze:


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