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[Generation Roleplay] Fallout Roleplay Server Rules
« on: June 09, 2017, 03:59:53 PM »

The rules have been updated as of 8/18/2018. Please be sure to frequently check this thread in case of any updates or changes to the rules are made. The administration team has the right to enforce whatever punishment they see fit upon a rule being broken. If you feel that you were excessively punished for breaking a rule, contact an SA+ and the situation will be reviewed. Do not attempt to loophole any of the rules otherwise it will lead to more severe disciplinary actions.

I. No Metagaming. Metagaming is when you take information that you obtained OOC (Out Of Character) and use it to your advantage on your IC character. Furthermore you are not allowed to transfer information that you obtained on one of your characters and OOCly/ICly passing it on to another one of your characters. This also applies to asking someone OOCly/ICly to relay information on one of their characters they obtained from your character to another one of your characters. Standing outside houses or on the other side of thick walls trying to listen in on conversations also falls under this category.

II. No Powergaming. Powergaming is when you force an action on another community member's character. Regardless of what the action entails, you may not force actions upon another community member's character unless they give you permission to do so. This does not apply to characters that are unconscious or physically incapable of defending themselves. (I.E.; Tied up.)

III. Do not flood the OOC (Out Of Character) and LOOC (Local Out Of Character) chat with toxicity, flaming or with the intent of being a nuisance or you will have your C flag taken away. If there is a problem that requires intervention from the administration team, use @ and an admin will assist with the situation. Otherwise if it's an argument without any logical reason with the sole intent to flame one another then take it to Steam or elsewhere.

IV. If you're in need of someone that is apart of the administration team, feel free to use @ to send your request or problem through the chat. To type in the admin chat, put the '@' symbol before typing out the rest of your message. You will not be able to see the message you sent, but the rest of the administration team will be able to see it and respond accordingly.

V. For community members who have the PAC flag, do not PAC on weapons, armor and other equipment that your character does not have ICly. Keep the PACs realistic to what your character looks like, is wearing and passable for the Fallout's Lore. You are not allowed to move around the map with the PAC camera or abuse any of the functions that PAC provide. This also goes for any other flag that you might have on a character. If the flags get abused in ways specific to the flag then they will be removed for an indefinite amount of time.

VI. When creating a character, do not name the character after any real life celebrities or well known video game characters. This also applies to physical descriptions that describe unique, known markings, specific injuries or otherwise carbon copies of a celebrity, or video game character's description.

VII. When a creature character is killed by someone's character or vice versa, it is an NLR. In group scenarios, if a creature character kills a character then the individual who is playing the character may choose whether or not they want themselves PKed. If they choose to be PKed, then the character is killed then and there. If they do not choose to be PKed, the character instead receives an NLR and all those who witnessed the character's death roleplay it as it being a 'fellow companion' on the journey with them. The only other way a creature character can be PKed or PK someone else is if there is a long lasting developed grudge between a character and a creature character which results in a final altercation that leaves either the both of them or one of them dead.

VIII. In order to PK another person's character, you must have a legitimate and valid reason to do so. Furthermore anyone who deliberately kills their own character trying to receive an NLR, or is just blatantly negligent in an IC manner is susceptible to receiving a PK at the discretion of a SA+. Placing a dead or alive bounty also requires PK authorizations on a person, and upon placing a bounty if the target catches wind of it they're automatically allowed PK authorizations on the person who posted the bounty. Characters have approximately two OOC weeks to act on granted PK authorizations otherwise it will be rendered an invalid reason. Contact an SA+ to obtain PK authorizations on someone if they fit the criteria. Each situation will be reviewed in a case-by-case basis.

IX. When building on the server, please use the appropriate fallout props when decorating something. Refrain from using PHX props unless you absolutely have to.

X. Inventory weight expansion items will not be given to any characters or traders. Both the inventory and storage locker weight have been increased to compensate for the lack of containers or backpacks provided to characters. If a character is caught with an excess of items in their inventory exceeding the limit set for a prolonged time, members of the administration team will manually remove items from the player's inventory until they are within the inventory space limit.

XI. All water that isn't the 'purified water' item is considered radiated water. This applies to anything you can drink water from including boiled water, lakes, rivers, puddles, rain, sinks or toilets. If you roleplay drinking dirty water, while it may quench your thirst you will be given radiation.

XII. When judging the intellect of a character when it comes to Fallout and the immense lore behind it, please make sure to keep what your characters know realistic. Remember that not every event that has happened in the Fallout Lore is common knowledge.

XIII. ERP is not allowed to be done on the server and must be taken to either Steam or another communication platform. A character must be 18+ in order to ERP, and if a character is created with the sole intent of ERPing the character in question will receive a PK.

XIV. Members of the community who have had their characters PKed before 6/16/2019 are not allowed to post an Un-PK appeal on behalf of their characters. Any members who receive a PK on their characters past the date of 6/16/2019 may make a SINGLE Un-PK appeal for their character. Once the thread is reviewed and locked, the verdict is final. Un-PK appeals will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

XV. Characters who decide to seek shelter outside of the main town are at anytime susceptible to having their house robbed and broken into. The only prerequisite that someone trying to break into someone's house must adhere to is the character who is having their house broken into MUST be on that character, otherwise it is not allowed.

XVI. If you have a creature character and you want to attack the main hub of roleplay with them, you must ask an SA+ for authorization to do so.

XVII. Do not self-authorize characters that have been created on other servers with strange and quirky traits, or backstories or just in general. If you feel that your character have any oddities or 'IC' equipment that isn't common, then contact ArMaGeDdOn to ask. If you're trying to remake a character that has equipment, weapons and armor from a different server then it MUST be applied for in a custom character application. Any information obtained throughout the Fallout Lore that isn't common knowledge is also not allowed to be self-authorized. The only languages people are allowed to speak fluently are English, some Spanish and tribal languages. Tribal languages may derive from old world languages, though only use minimal words from said old world languages, and implement them into some tribal language that pertains to your character's tribe. Accents however are allowed.

XVIII. When a faction has little to no players flagged up and someone attempts an assault on the faction base, or tries to otherwise infiltrate the base for whatever reason, they will receive lethal punishment from IC guards which will result in a PK for negligence. The IC guards will be in relation to whatever the faction has at their disposal.

XIX. As a reminder to the public, Event Coordinators do not hold power within the administrative & disciplinary staff team within the community, so please do not treat the Event Coordinators as such. If an issue arises that an administrator is needed, please refer to one of the staff members at so the situation can be resolved.

XX. For individuals who have scopes on their firearms, you are NOT allowed to PK or otherwise harm a character from long range and out of the victim's reach of being able to retaliate. Long ranged RP may be used to engage creature characters played by people however. Do keep in mind that the only characters who actually have sniper training are rangers. You may learn how to use a scope efficiently and effectively over a while of actually roleplaying using the sniper at your own volition, though the administration team will keep in mind of your character's capabilities with scoped long range RP to ensure no power gaming or otherwise extremely accurate shots are performed despite the character not actually having any skill with using a scoped weapon. Also, during events you may use a scoped weapon ONLY if the Event Coordinator in charge of the event agrees to having snipers in their event.

XXI. Event Coordinators are allowed to layout whichever rules they want to enforce at the beginning of their events. These rules will vary of course, and not all Event Coordinators will have the same rules so please keep that in mind. The main rules I am putting here is that, an Event Coordinator has the right to remove an unruly or otherwise interrupting individual from their event to continue the flow of roleplay. If you are removed from an event, and you feel that it is unjust, then please contact a member of the administration team about the ordeal in an orderly and professional manner and the situation will be put under review, and will be assessed AFTER the event has concluded. Remember to please be respectively to all parties involved to ensure that the situation is taken care of in a hasty and simple manner.

XXII. If your character receives an injury, there needs to be proper medical roleplay done on the character relevant to the injuries they sustained and the injury must be roleplayed. Failure to do so will make the injured character susceptible to receiving a PK.
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